Joining a dream project

Enversion A/S is developing an algorithm for a decision support system, which potentially, based on existing health data, will ensure fewer acute hospitalizations.

The decision support system is part of the research project Tværspor in East Jutland – a project that Enversion has been involved in for some time.

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system helps healthcare professionals across municipalities and healthcare sectors identify citizens at risk of being acutely hospitalized. Early detection based on existing healthcare data may prevent disease, could potentially save the community money and may help avert unnecessary suffering for everyone involved. ‘It means a great deal to us that we can contribute to this project. At Enversion, our goal is to make technology and human beings complement each other in the best possible way, and this is a great example,says Thomas Schultz, CEO at Enversion.

One of the very basic dreams we have here at Enversion is to use our skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence to give the healthcare area a boost and provide more and better health value for the money for Danes in general. We have a unique chance in Denmark because we can work with a very large historical healthcare database. The project has the potential to be widely implemented in municipalities in cooperation with general practitioners and hospitals, and this will help make our approach to health and disease far more proactive than what we see today, says Thomas Schultz.

For example, if a practitioner is to assess a patient today, a relatively narrow basis of data typically starts with the patients description of symptoms, a few basic clinical measurements and a link to agreed clinical guidelines. The potential of this project is that the doctor will have access to a much larger database comprising data from a large number of citizens with similar clinical parameters, where the outcome in the form of diagnosis and disease is known. The decision on treatments and care can thus be done on a much wider data basis than today. And this option is offered not only to the GP but also to hospital doctors and others who work with health and prevention. This way, we can offer the best possible preventive care and treatment to the individual, based on a wide range of anonymized health data, and thus prevent acute disease overall, Thomas Schultz explains.

The research project is funded by the Innovation Fund with 11,3 million Danish kroner and is a threeyear project. Hopefully, the project will result in more examples of artificial intelligence aiding specialized professionals make the best decisions for the individual citizen. In addition to Enversion A/S, the partners in the project: MedTech Innovation Consortium, Aarhus Universitys Section for General Medical Practice at the Department of Public Health, Horsens Regional Hospital and Horsens Municipality, constitute the business case on which the project is based.

Are you curious? Contact Thomas Schultz at +45 2282 8513. And check out this link to DR, where our founder Jacob Høy Berthelsen talks about our potential and commitment to the project.