Enversion’s Per Dahl Rasmussen is onto something big

At Enversion, our vision is to make the world a better place. Our awesome colleague, Per Dahl Rasmussen, has made the most of it. He has developed an algorithm that can predict the risk of heart attacks way better than current methods. He has accomplished this in connection with his master’s thesis in Biomedical Technology at Aarhus University, using the methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence – Enversion’s core competencies – along with a lot of data on gender, age, use of medicine, laboratory results, procedures, socio-economic data and so on. These are all parameters that may help determine a patient’s risk of a heart attack.

Recently, he was recognized for his efforts by the Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering (Dansk Medicoteknisk Selskab). The organization consists of engineers, specialists and doctors from education, health and private sectors, and basically works to unite the technological and medical fields.

Each year, the organization hosts a conference where participants are assessed on both presentation and content. At this year’s conference, Per Dahl Rasmussen presented his project and won.

‘The reason why I started working on this topic was that I knew that attempts had been made to send patients thought to be in danger of developing heart attacks through the diagnostic phase at the hospital. But the project was stopped because it turned out that too many people who were not at risk at all were referred. But it is a super important area so I thought it might be possible to do something about this process – that is to screen the patients more efficiently based on data. And it seems to work,’ explains Per Dahl Rasmussen about the background for his thesis.

And sure enough, the process can be improved.

Per and Enversion hope to put the algorithm to work – and potentially save lives – in the Danish healthcare system.

Curious? Contact Per Dahl Rasmussen at +45 6012 8982 or e-mail pdr@enversion.dk.