Enversion adds new talent

Danish regions buy goods and services for around 40 billion Danish kroner annually. There is a great potential for saving money by streamlining the accounting processes and by providing a detailed overview of the regions’ procurement patterns.

A group of five master’s students from Aalborg University (Computer Science and Machine Learning), in collaboration with Enversion, will work on the application of machine learning techniques to:

  • provide a better and more detailed overview of purchasing categories
  • automate bookkeeping processes

A warm welcome to:

Andreas B. Eriksen, Kent Munthe Caspersen, Martin Bjeldbak Madsen, Mathias Meldgaard Andersen and Mikkel Alexander Madsen.

Regulating medication

Medical expenses in Denmark are rising sharply. At the same time, more and more reports of medication administration errors are recorded every year; e.g., in relation to errors in the actual administration of medication and in connection with side effects.

A group of seven master’s students from Aalborg University (Computer Science and Software Engineering), in collaboration with Enversion, will use machine learning to build decision support systems that can help general practitioners:

  • consider cheaper alternatives to a desired medical treatment
  • evaluate possible combination effects

A warm welcome to:

Anders Roland Nielsen, Daniel Steinar Fridjonsson, Lars Andersen, Lasse Vang Gravesen, Mathias Winde Pedersen, Sander Jespersen and Søren Skibsted Als.