Intelligent use of data can improve people’s lives

We are so excited and we just can’t hide it. At Enversion A/S, we are lucky enough to be able to merge what we do best with what we love most. To develop strong algorithms that can improve people’s lives. During the next five years, Enversion A/S will work closely with a number of the country’s coolest cancer researchers to develop and build a dynamic knowledge bank that will support doctors and therapists in preventing and treating late effects of breast cancer treatment. This will be done using the methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence; the team at Enversion A/S is among the leaders within this field.

Serious side effects
Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis among women. Fortunately, treatment prospects are very good, and today up to 60,000 Danish women are estimated to be what is referred to as long-term survivors of breast cancer. Unfortunately, numerous serious late effects of the disease and the treatment are associated with the diagnosis. These late effects do not only have consequences for the individual patient, but the effects can also be costly to the community.

A comprehensive overview of risks, treatment and possible prevention of these risks does not yet exist, but that must change. To develop the best possible tool for doctors, we will build a unique data solution, including an app that Enversion is going to develop.

’We are not doctors. We cannot save lives. But we are experts in developing the best tools for those who can. At the risk of sounding cliché, we have always dreamt about building a better world. We really believe that we are allowed to do just that with this project,’ says Thomas Schultz. The project is funded by a total of 10 million Danish kroner from the Danish Cancer Society, and besides Enversion A/S, the project includes a number of the country’s most prominent cancer researchers.

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