Talented employees in the data industry are in high demand, and the trend shows that it is only going to get worse. Recently, Enversion A/S chose to hire three computer science students from Aalborg University before they have even graduated. And through the talent program Enversion Young Talents, the company is continuously working to promote the interest in artificial intelligence, computer science and natural sciences in the hope of inspiring young people to choose these particular fields of study. However, Enversion’s management is also using more targeted methods.

’On April 1, 2016, we have partnered with a private fertility clinic, which means that we pay for the treatment if we get to choose the donor. What we are looking for is an aptitude for mathematics, physics and science, and we have developed an algorithm using machine learning that helps us make the right match,’ explains Enversion CEO Thomas Schultz, who himself has not been a donor yet.

’The collaboration is very new, but I will not deny that it may be necessary to reap basic material for the project among Enversion’s own employees. At least, we know what to expect in 20-30 years, the CEO says and admits that it is a long-term project.

’You have to bet on everything; it is also a gamble to wait for the results of various school and study forms. It is not our style to be standing idly by’, says the director.

For further information contact Thomas Schultz at +45 2282 8513.