Thomas Schultz was a part of Ministerial Meeting

On Wednesday, April 5, Enversion’s CEO, Thomas Schultz, was invited to a meeting with the Minister of Public Innovation, Sophie Løhde, during her visit to the Central Denmark Region. It took place at Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade, where the minister was taken on a tour and listened to different presentations in management and innovation. Thomas Schultz explained, among other things, in his presentation how Enversion works to get machines to support people in making the best decisions. Schultz talked about the so-called human/machine teams, where assistant systems can make everyday life much easier for staff by keeping track of large amounts of data in several different systems; data amounts of such magnitude that the human brain simply cannot assess them without help. However, with the help of a machine, it is possible.

’Our stated goal is to help make people’s lives better, happier and longer using all the knowledge stored in data. There is a large unused data potential, especially in the public sector, whether we talk about healthcare services or other public institutions. And then it is always a pleasure to talk about something that you think is important,’ says Thomas Schultz.

Enversion A/S is one of the leading suppliers of intelligent assistant solutions in Denmark. The solutions are being developed for both public and private organizations, and they are realized through methods such as machine learning. Enversion A/S has hired world-class people who are experts in these methods.

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