Christine Aagaard Kragh

Christine Aagaard Kragh +45 22327623 Journalist and Media Counselor

At Enversion, I work with:

Making everything that Enversion’s wonderful employees work with understandable to everyone who doesn’t know what machine learning, data mining or algorithms are. I edit the specialists’ formulations when they sound too professional, and I advise on media and communication.

Professionally, I’m interested in:

Making complicated topics comprehensible to everyone, telling good stories of presence and honesty and inspiring diverse people, so that they may create great results together.

In my spare time, I like to:

Spend time with my husband, our two sons, our three cats, work on our two veteran cars, and I’m constantly engaged in some kind of creative project that involves yarn, fabric or words. We’re always remodeling somewhere in our house, and I promise myself every week that next week I will visit the fitness center more than once!

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