Lasse Bonner

Lasse Bonner +45 28708991 Information engineer

At Enversion, I work with:

At the moment, I’m managing healthcare data to be used for research purposes.

Professionally, I’m interested in:

The fact that one can teach a machine to think for itself is wildly fascinating. And if you use the opportunity to develop something that makes life better or even save lives, then it’s amazing. Overall, I think it’s exciting to work on how to get something meaningful out of something that might seem unpredictable or insoluble.

In my spare time, I like to:

I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – a martial art that is largely based on predicting the opponent’s moves. I do it with my dad, and it's pretty nice to share that with him. I enjoy cooking and like to experiment without a recipe – and luckily, the result gets better and better, so I serve it to my girlfriend, my friends and my family.

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