Lise Andersen

Lise Andersen +45 70232620 Labeling specialist

At Enversion, I work with:

Primarily, I work with categorization of goods in UNSPSC. It involves going through a variety of items and teaching the machine which category group the individual item belongs to, so it'll be able to manage the categorization automatically without manual involvement.

Professionally, I’m interested in:

Professionally, I’m interested in keeping track of things and organizing things. I have previously worked in HTML, and I’m fascinated by all the work that goes into creating beautiful visual design and web pages.

In my spare time, I like to:

In my spare time, I spend a lot of time gaming and playing console games. Certain games I play repeatedly, but I also play new games. One of the games, I play continually is ‘Destiny’, and I play this game with a regular group. I really appreciate the game itself but also the great visual story. It’s like watching a movie you’re actually in.

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