Per Dahl Rasmussen

Per Dahl Rasmussen +45 60128982 Information engineer

At Enversion, I work with:

The data support for a research project Enversion is involved in with the hospital unit at the Regional Hospital in Horsens. The project aims to combine machine learning with healthcare data. The purpose is to develop a tool that can help reduce the number of patient readmissions.

Professionally, I’m interested in:

Being able to combine physiological data – such as ECG measurements and other measurements that are performed when we come into contact with the healthcare system – with artificial intelligence and patient history so that you gain new knowledge.

Also, I find it really interesting to use technology and engineering to develop and optimize implants, prostheses and so on, so people get a better life.

In my spare time, I like to:

I do adventure race – a sport that combines the individual level with a team effort. Then I’m an instructor in the Danish Scout Corps and conduct courses for 14-15 year olds, teaching them orienteering, cooperation, and how they push themselves to the limit. And then I like to spend time with my girlfriend and my friends.

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