Sofie Grue Haumann

Sofie Grue Haumann +45 51263269 Marketing manager

At Enversion, I work with:

I’m in charge of strategic marketing, PR and sales processes, and I manage everything that Enversion posts on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Professionally, I’m interested in:

Communication and the relationship between companies and their surroundings. I’m fascinated by trends and development in the society that can be crucial to how relations between businesses and the surrounding world should be handled.

In my spare time, I like to:

I’m a very curious person, and I use every given opportunity to travel and gain knowledge and inspiration. It inspires me to see and hear how other people live their lives, how they balance their lives, what inspires them, etc. I’m very social, and I love to spend time with my boyfriend, my family and my friends.

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