Who we are and what we want to achieve

At Enversion, we are dedicated to helping people through the use of data.
We are particularly dedicated within health and economics, but we work in all fields where we think that we can make a real difference for the customer and we think that the task is in harmony with our values.
We believe data must be used proactively in research and learning to the greatest possible extent, so that we all can have better, happier and longer lives.
We have a number of statements that we remind ourselves of every day when we work and choose new tasks. They are:

– We work to ensure that society uses data proactively for making optimal decisions for citizens
– We insist that we can get much more for the money in the health sector in Denmark, and our work must contribute to this end
– We insist on finding opportunities to give Danes better, happier and longer lives
– We want to be honest, realistic, fair and incredibly opportunistic in our approach to tasks and customers
– We want to influence the world – because we can!
– We want to win, be the best, earn money and basically run a successful business.
– We want to deliver on time and with better quality than the customer expects.
– Our work must give our customers real, measurable value while being in line with our values and competences.
– As people, colleagues, suppliers and organisation, we want to be generous, accommodating and empathetic.
– We do favours without expecting that the recipients will return favours.

We have also chosen to have fun while at work, and we cultivate the team and synergy we can create together.
We are the most skilled at processing and modelling data optimally and we will continue to be.
We go for the best profiles in the market – not the most impressive CVs. By the best profiles, we mean a combination of the finest professional competences and qualities, such as empathy, will, passion, humour and creativity.
We neither have management hierarchies nor bonus plans. We simply don’t believe in that kind of thing. On the contrary, we have chosen to work on delegating management responsibility to everyone in the company, and we are convinced that everyone in Enversion is competent to make the best decision within their domains. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here. And, not least, we believe in happiness, smiles, loving your job and passion as being the most important motivating forces to reach results.
We are the Maersk blue hippies, and we love that!